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Watch More Soccer

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

The more you watch soccer, the more you will dream. The more you dream, the more fuel you will have to achieve your goals in this beautiful game.

Growing up in Boston Massachusetts where there are a wide range of different ethnicities. I was able to watch different playing styles from all over the world. Brazilians, Portuguese, Greek, Italian and Haitian. I was able to watch players from all these places express their playing style on the pitch. I was very fortunate to sit back and watch how soccer players played the game so differently based on their heritage and geographic location.

I grew up watching the English Premier League like everyone else but I couldn't get enough of the game. I watched every league I could find on television. If i wasn't out playing the game or doing homework I was home watching it and falling in love with all the different players around the world. Thierry Henry was by far my favorite player to watch and it was an immense honor to share the pitch with him. One of the shinning moments of my career was trading jerseys with him after a memorable game where we both traded goals back and forth.

The more you watch the game the more you will pick up little pointers that you can facilitate into your own game. Henry had a very direct style of play where he wouldn't waste time and score as quickly as he could or beat his player as quickly and efficiently as possible. I took small aspects of his game and tried to emulate it the next day at training or a match. There are so many players that have such different styles of play you will find a number of players that attract you to keep looking forward to watching them week in and week out. For me it was Rivaldo, Eric Cantana, Mark Overmars, Dennis Berkamp, Patrick Kluivert and Alan Shearer to name a few names. These are some examples of players I loved watching and helped me develop my game into what it became.

Having that obsession is essential in becoming elite in any sport. The more you watch the more you will learn how to succeed. Plus it doesn't hurt that its fun.


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